Quick tip 137 Unit price v income

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s a quick tip that I touched on a bit before, but let me spell it out clearly. Unit price v income. Optimal unit price becomes an important thing when you sell a lot of products. You need to optimise your return on investment, while still offering value to your customers. But when we are selling a download of a song, or an album, in the early days of your career, those figures are not going to be high. What you need to work on is making sure you have some kind of income from your music (At this point I am limiting this to only recorded music, and downloads specifically.) So how do you do this?

You should worry more about removing the hesitation of your fans (customers) might have about making the purchase. You should concentrate in what is the optimal price to make them feel like it is a deal they cannot pass. To say the value of your album is $10 is pointless if no one is willing to pay $10 for it. I urge you to let your customers set the price, and see what they think is the value of your music. This way you have much better chance to make an income from your recorded music. And just for clarity, it more than likely will not be enough alone to support you, but I hope you’re also playing a lot of shows and selling merchandise at them. At the end of the day, it all adds up.


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