Quick tip 133 Working with sound engineer

J.P.s Quick tipIn your early days playing shows you need to perfect some skills. One of the most vital ones is to learn how to work with venue sound engineers. The sound engineer is extremely important person to you, and you need to do what ever it takes to make sure they are on your side. The thing is, if you are on a band night where there are loads of bands, the odds are most up and coming bands don’t even think about most of these things. So let’s turn the odds in your favour.

First of all, never forget the sound engineer is a professional. Their job is to make you sound as good as they can. They know how to do this better than you do. In the highly unlikely case that the sound engineer is bad at their job, it is not your job to teach them how to do their job. Your job is to perform, entertain the crowd. The show must go on no matter what! There is nothing more unprofessional looking than a band fighting with a sound engineer during a show. If the sound engineer tells you to turn down your amp, do so! They want the front of the house sound as good as possible, they are paid to do that.

Oh yeah, and few little tips that goes a long way as well. Get to know the engineers name. Thank them during the show for doing a great job. Buy them a drink, well worth the money to make them fight your corner. And clean off your gear off the stage as soon as possible after the show. You don’t want to keep the sound engineer hanging around any later they already need to.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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