Quick tip 131 The misconception of getting signed

J.P.s Quick tipToo often musicians build their career around the goal of getting signed. So today I am going to make it as clear as I can, that this concept is outdated and will only slow down your career.

Gone are the days of record labels forking out massive advances (which by the way you still had to pay back!) Gone are the day labels engage in any sort of artist development. Any major label these days only want an already established act that they can get to sign 360 deal. This means they will take a cut out of everything you potentially will earn (gig fees, licensing, merchandise sales…)

So unless you are the next pop act to rule the world, more than likely these deals will not work to your advantage. You are much better off being in charge of your own music, building a team of people around you who will do all the same stuff you’d expect a record label to do. The only difference is that you are in charge!

The fact is you can have perfectly successful long-lasting career in music, without ever being signed to a label. So stop chasing the dream of a label and start chasing the dream of career.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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