Quick tip 130 Twitter update

J.P.s Quick tipTwitter has been busy working on some of their new features. There are quite few updates to their advertising platform, for example a quick “promote your tweet” feature, which is not too far from the Facebook’s boosted posts. But the one feature I think is worth mentioning here is the Extended Direct Messages. This feature will be coming out some time in July, if what the little bird told me is true (see what I did there?)

The Extended direct message will allow you to message up to 10,000 characters instead of the 140 we are used to. This will be a welcome change for many, and I know it will keep a lot more of my private conversations now in Twitter, rather than me trying to move the conversations to other platforms. But also it will risk the direct messages becoming filled with long sales pitch type advertising… So it remains to be seen if this will be a positive change.

It definitely will help me get my wordy explanations out, but will they be any clearer than the ones I had to compress down to 140 characters? I’m not too sure 😉


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