Quick tip 129 Expose yourself

J.P.s Quick tipNow before you get any crazy ideas about running around the town in your birthday suit, let me clarify the title of today’s Quick tip. I had a struggles in the past trying to convince my colleagues that it was important to have their picture on the cover of their album. Often bands feel very shy about this, especially bands that might have not been established well enough yet. They might feel like they don’t deserve to be on the cover of the album just yet. But I always thought that no matter how embarrassing those band photos would be in twenty years time, it is very important to give people a face to associate with the music.

Some of these conversations go back 17 years now. Boy how things have changed… But what I thought back then is even more important today. People have need to feel a connection with the artist, and I for one think this is a great thing. Now I want you to keep this in mind even with your social media sites. Let people see you as soon as they visit your profile! And as some of my followers have reminded me over and over again, don’t be scared to smile 🙂

Expose yourself, don’t just be an anonymous face behind the music. Be proud of who you are and let it be part of your brand.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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