Quick tip 128 Be positive

J.P.s Quick tip

With so much uncertainty you are faced with, when you choose the path of a professional musician, it is extremely important to be positive. Be positive in every situation, even when things go wrong. You need to cheer on your fellow musicians and band mates. No one wants to hang around that grumpy guy, who always sees the negative in everything. People want to be around positive people. And if you master this, I mean really flip your thinking to positively looking at every situation, you will find people will want to work with you.

Also be positive in your internal voice. If things go wrong, try to see the positive. For example ask your self, what can I learn from this situation. Turn failure in to an opportunity to learn ad grow. It can be hard, so sometimes you really need o look for the positive things in bad situations. So be prepared to work hard on finding that, glimpse of hope, a lesson for the future, what ever it is you can use to turn the bad situation to your advantage.

Negative people will drag you down, don’t be that person to others. And eliminate negative people from your life as well. Besides, having a positive outlook in life in general makes your everyday life more enjoyable. Be positive!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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