Quick tip 124 Slow consistent growth

J.P.s Quick tipWe live very much in a world of “Now!” We want everything now. We want to be successful over night. We want a video that goes viral. We want to be playing the largest venue in town tomorrow.

But anything you acquire overnight can be lost overnight as well. The secret into a long-lasting success is not to start it with a bang, but slow consistent growth. If you build your fan base one follower at the time, and devote your time in making those fans our dedicated followers, then you make fans for life. Consider your early fans as your friends. Make it all about them, not you.

And if you don’t work towards building a strong loyal following, I got news for you. It won’t build it self! Yes, that is the truth. How can people find your “bigger than life music, that will make it just because it is so great” if you don’t first tell them about it? And don’t just run out on the street to tell strangers about it. At very least find out if they are into your kind of music, before you ram your tracks down their throat.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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