Quick tip 12 Pick the right venue

J.P.s Quick tipYou have new album coming out and you want to do an album launch show in your home town, or you just haven’t done show in your local scene for a while. So you are thinking to book a venue and organise your own show. Every band should do this once in a while to know what it really takes to bring in a crowd to a show. You’ll have new-found respect for concert promoters after it 😉

But here’s a small thing to keep in mind. We all want to play in the top venue in town. But can you fill it? In the short-term it is much better for you to play in a small venue that you can sell out. Trust me on this one, it looks much better to turn away people from a sold out gig, than fill even three-quarters of your favourite venue. People who got in will feel they were part of something special and exclusive, and the people who did not make it in, they will be much more likely to buy tickets in advance the next time. Also promoters talk, and by selling out venues is how you start making a name for your self.


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