Quick tip 119 Be sceptical

J.P.s Quick tipI know today’s Quick tip sounds like a quite negative one, but it’s not really. It’s just a simple reminder that not all advice is equal. When you set out to succeed in music business, the first thing after creating some kick ass music is trying to promote it. And this is a part of the job that requires constant stream of latest information on how to do it, what works and what does not. But there are a lot of bad advice out there. So you need to be sceptical.

I actually look for my promotional ideas from different fields of marketing. I particularly like how some startups go from one man on their own to a massive businesses with huge loyal customer base. Especially in the early beginning stages, many of these startups don’t have advertising budgets and rely on organic growth, through content marketing and word of mouth. And I look for this advice because they are innovative and often light years ahead of the people in the music marketing business.

But we all have been there, when people ask us what we do, and then they set out to advice us on how to promote our music… It is actually quite amazing how random people seem to know so much about promoting music. I mean, I would not try to advice software developer how to write their code… So when ever I get new advice, unless it is from a source I truly trust, I let it brew at the back of my mind for few days, before I act on it. And I do this simply because I need to be sceptical.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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