Quick tip 114 Focus on the right thing

J.P.s Quick tip“How do I get as many people to like my band’s page on Facebook?” Ever heard anyone ask you this? Or have you ever been advised to build large following in Facebook? I just googled “How to get more Facebook likes”. There are a whopping 729 million results!!! Is it really so hard to see the past this silly idea?

The same goes in real life and every aspect of music business. If you try too hard to get everyone to like you, You probably will just annoy everyone. If you try too hard to get people to like you, it becomes forced. And people smell fake from a mile away.

So what should you do? Focus on the right thing. Instead of trying to get people to like you, create music, videos, concerts, content of any kind that people will like. Concentrate on the content, make it the best you can, make it something you truly believe in. If you are genuine, and your content is consistently high quality, in time people will like it. They will genuinely like it. This is organic growth, and the only way to build long-lasting career in music.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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