Quick tip 113 Diversify

J.P.s Quick tip“I just want to play music” I hear you say. Recently there was an article looking in to music business and especially PR in music in one of the major newspapers in Ireland. The article pointed out how “not every act is as savvy as Amanda Palmer, who has to sell experience and ephemera to a hungry audience for each project”. I was little bit disappointed on some parts of this article as I am a big fan of the author and his work. What I would like you to notice here is the emphasis on “has to”. Artist like Amanda Palmer, who has really set her own rules in music business, it is highly unlikely she does things because she has to.
That’s the thing, trying to find that “I just want to play music” place is waste of time. It does not exist, and has not existed in a long time in the music business. You need to be involved in all aspects of your “business”, or you are going to get eaten alive! That’s why I keep saying you need to love the business. If you don’t, save your self some time and make a music a hobby you actually will enjoy.

If you want to succeed, you need to diversify. You need to understand the business. You need to learn the language of web design. You need to understand music royalties, recording process, tour booking, music technology, social media, marketing… I know for many this sounds like a lot, and that is why I say you need to love the business. If you do love it, you naturally hunger for the information and a lot of this does not even feel like work.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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