Quick tip 112 Content Marketing

J.P.s Quick tipI’ll simplify this for you. The most powerful free form of advertising is content marketing. In the past year and half I have put it to the test, and can I tell you it really does work. Many musicians might not be familiar with the concept, so let me break it down to you.

You create content that has some value to the people who you want to follow you. This can be video, blog posts, pod casts, or many more forms. You offer advice, or interesting information. It could be gear reviews, music reviews, music lessons, music business advice, information about your local music scene, or even something that might be outside music. The secret is to provide this information selflessly. What I mean by this is you offering the information from your heart without expecting anything in return.

But what if you don’t get anything in return, why would you do it? Well, as crazy as it sounds, the universe has a way of taking care of the ones who care 😉 This is not just some spiritual crap, this is a tried and tested business format. By offering quality, we create loyalty, and when you need your fan base to help you they will gladly do so.

So what can you offer your fans today?


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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