Quick tip 109 Have a voice

J.P.s Quick tipHave you ever searched the net for interviews of your favourite artists? You wanted to hear their thoughts, their views and their stories. True fans rarely just settle for the music, even though it is important. We want to know what our favourite artists think, we want them to have a voice.

Having your own voice as an artist is very important in today’s music business. And I am not talking about your singing voice here. It is important for the fans to know their world views are somehow inline with theirs. So give yourself a voice. Tell people your story, talk to them online, make videos. Share your views on current news, movies, art, maybe a good restaurant you visited.

In our world where so much of our interaction happens online, people grave for glimpses of real people behind the art. The music business has gone a full circle where the business took an ordinary man and turned him into a star that everyone admired, but now we want to see the ordinary man behind the star.

Have a voice. Express it on your website, blog, social media and reflect it in your music.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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