Quick tip 108 Immerse yourself in arts

J.P.s Quick tipIf you are one of those artists who claim you don’t have influences, and that your music is truly original, I’ll be here telling you that you are fooling your self! How did you learn to play your instrument? I bet you learned few songs from few other artists. Did you think this had no influence in you? Surely you learned song structures from other artists songs?

I for one consider my self as a sponge. I get inspired by other artists work all the time. I get inspired by other forms of art all the time, movies, books, paintings, poetry… I get inspired by anything that indulge my senses, emerging in to other cultures and traveling in general.

So to be creative artist, immerse your self in arts in all of its forms. Let it inspire you, let it make you think and view things from other artists point of view. Then take this inspiration and make something of your own out of it.

As artists we should support each others, we should be proud to be able to inspire other artists. And we should also be willing to accept that inspiration from other artists.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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