Quick tip 102 Be on Facebook all the time

J.P.s Quick tipThe subject of this post is obviously bit of a joke 😉 The fact is spending too much time on Facebook can waste a lot of productive time you could spend creating your music, or other useful promotional content. But this does not mean you should disappear.

To be smart, you need to learn to schedule posts on your Facebook page. Both Twitter and Facebook allow this, but personally for Twitter, just by the nature of how much more you tweet than post on Facebook, I like to use third-party software. I will talk more about that soon, but lets look in to how to schedule posts on Facebook:

Unless you are good at sharing a lot of your everyday life in an engaging way, you should have a social media content plan. By this I mean, songs you want to share, blog posts, links to other stuff relevant to your followers, links to stuff you feel passionate about, maybe jokes, stories from rehearsals or concerts, photos, what ever you think your followers would like to see.

Once you have the content, you need to schedule the material to come out all throughout the day. For Facebook, I rarely post more than two posts a day, so I use their own scheduling option. On your page, write the post with relevant links, photos or what have you, then click the small downward arrow beside the post button. There you find an option for Scheduling your post. Once you click this, a separate widow opens where you can set the date and time you want the post to go out. Set these, press schedule and you are good to go. Your post will be published at the desired time even if you are not online.


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