flameofpassionMost forms of art require skill. To be great at what you do, whether its is music, painting, sculpture, writing, photography, cooking, or what ever it is that you do, you need to have a high level of skill. This is not something that comes to you overnight. Sometimes it takes years to acquire. You need to fail over and over again to become great.

This is not an easy task by any means, and most people give up along the way. But there are people who preserver no matter what comes along and knocks them down. It is the passion what drives them. I have had passion for performing music and writing songs almost as far back as I can remember. Surely there were times when I found it hard to channel that passion, and then there have been times, like the past few years, where I could feel my passion so clearly that no matter what came along, I saw it as a challenge.

It is this passion burning inside of you that make you sacrifice things in life that others would never think sacrificing, but you see it as a path that you must travel. It can be lonely as well. You have this driving force to work on your craft, when others are out partying, living life, growing family. When others go to sleep, you feel the need to put in just that one extra hour into what ever it is you do.

And it is that one more hour, over and over again that will separate you from the rest. It is the desire to communicate, to say things through your art that you are not comfortable saying as a person. It the need to communicate through another way. And it is your passion that drives you to do this extremely well.

So if you think you want to be great, find your passion. Don’t confuse desire with passion. Just because you want something, does not mean you have the passion. If you are willing to do what ever it takes to get what you want, even if there is no one out there to show you how to do it, that is passion. It’s like a baby learning to walk, no matter how many times they fall down, they still keep trying, because they have the passion to learn to walk. When we are children we have natural passion to learn things, but with age that passion gets side tracked. But it is still somewhere deep in you, hidden away by the constant noise of life. And it takes bravery and determination to keep that passion burning.

Passion is what makes this world of ours a better place. Passion is what makes our individual life’s definitely a struggle, but also so much more interesting. And sharing this passion can be one of the greatest gifts. Nurture your passion.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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