pain Few days back home from the tour and I am starting to recover from the unavoidable sleep deprivation and water retention. Now I just need to build back the muscle I lost and lose the fat I gained 😉 I’m getting pretty good at it at this stage.

Upwards and onwards! This weeks song “Pain”, is one of those songs that just almost wrote itself. So many of us have this internal self destructive mechanism. Once we end up in a good relationship, we mess things up. Once we are on the right track with our goals, whether they are loosing weight, reducing our drinking, stop smoking, save money we trip. We make one small slip up that sends everything spiralling to the ground. We have all been there, so I assume you know what I am talking about.

But the true reason behind it all is not because relationships, weight loss, addiction or willpower are so hard. The true reason lies within us. It’s our own self doubt. As long as we don’t love ourselves enough to allow us to succeed, we never will. It’s like our unconscious mind keeps screaming You’re not good enough! You don’t deserve this! And we mess things up time and time again…

Now here’s the thing. You are good enough, in fact you are better than good enough, you are great and damn sure you do deserve it! We all have good days and bad days, and that is fine, but that voice in your head is up to you to silence. And you are strong enough to do it!

Once again this weeks song came from self discovery and realisation in a moment of doubt. It was almost a flow of feelings 🙂 So I hope you hit that play button, listen to it and if you like it, share it with the world 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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