“Pain” rehearsal video

IMG_7874.JPGWe were back rehearsing this week, and it is not often I get kicked in the back side by someone else when it comes to productivity, but Brian made sure we recorded another rehearsal video. I was suffering a bit with a head cold, and as it is rehearsal video it’s all there, mistakes and all 😉 But I think it actually sounds quite nice.

To learn more about the song itself, go HERE. The rehearsals are going great, but anyone who’s done this before knows it’s a long hill to climb. And I hope it comes across in the video, that we are actually trying to do something little bit different 😉 We are not trying to walk the path well-traveled 😉

I have another sneaky video from this week’s rehearsals on the way, and we have busy week ahead of us as well, so I’m sure there will be more. For now, do me a favor, share the video and leave a comment if you like it. It all helps 🙂


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