New music Friday

music-storeTraditionally the record industry has had its new music launch day on Tuesday in the United States (Since 1989. Before this it was Monday, but getting the albums in to the stores in time over the weekend became too complicated). In the UK and France the release day is still Monday, Germany it is Friday… As you can see this can really cause a lot of confusion…

So now finally, all the bodies involved have become to agreement that the new music release day will be Friday starting from 10th of July worldwide. This means your music will be available from the digital download stores all on the same day around the world.

I for one think this is a long over due and welcome it with open arms 🙂 As the regular readers of my blog know I release songs on my blog on Fridays, but I still had to leave the album releases for Tuesdays. This will definitely make life easier in the future.

The only downside I can see is the album launch concerts. It is hard enough to get a booking a in any decent venue for an unknown act mid-week, let alone Friday night. But we can work around this, you could have the launch on Thursday night, or even Sunday night.

But the convenience of being able to have your album pop up in the download stores worldwide on the same day is a great thing. For some countries having to wait longer to be able to download tracks never seemed right to me.

The question remains, how will the actual album release look like in the future with the streaming services gathering more ground…

There is a good article on Michael Brandvold’s website, which you can find HERE, if you want to read more in detail how the change has an effect on musicians.


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