Munich, the gem of Bavaria

photo 4 (1)Munich is amazing city, no doubt about that. The architecture alone would make it a place worth visiting. Then there is the beer! If you like good beer, there are very few places that can beat Munich. Hofbrau and Paulaner get more press outside Germany, but my favorite is Augustiner. I have never been here during the Octoberfest, but I have heard it gets quite crazy… The English gardens are stunning and on a good sunny day the ideal spot

photo 3 (1)within the city for a walk, laying on the grass or even for a beer or too. Also the bells from the city hall at Marienplatz and the surrounding churches is quite an experience. I love walking and Munich is a perfect city for this. A large area of the city center is pedestrianized, which makes Munich surprisingly quiet city. Also the train / underground gets you everywhere. You can get a train from the airport for just over €10 to anywhere in the center area.
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The only drawback I can think of from my experiences here is how the Wifi is hard to come by. I’m not a big fan of Starbucks, but they have made a pretty penny out of me in Munich 😀 This time I made sure the hotel had Wifi. If you are thinking of visiting Munich, just do it! Also few recommendations on live music.
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There are two Irish bars in the center area that I have played with Sliotar several times. Killian’s and Kennedy’s. Both have live music I think six nights a week, and Karaoke once a week. My favorite out of the two is Killian’s, but that might have something to do with some of the great shows we played there over the years 🙂 Also on the north side of the city around the Giselastraße there is a great small Jazz and Blues club called Alfonso’s, we had few great nights off there listening to some great Jazz. Part from that, let the streets of Munich take you, guide you and you will have a good time 🙂


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