We do it because we love it

gotobedjpOnce again I sit here well past midnight, wondering what I should write about. There are days when text just flows out of me on to the page (or the computer screen, to be precise) like verbal diarrhoea from my head through my fingers in to the screen. Then there are days it takes time, a lots of time to get started. Sure, right now I could just go to bed and worry about this blog post in the morning, but some force beyond my understanding keeps me up writing.

You see, I love what I do. I have said this quite often in my blog posts, but still not often enough. I love the fact that if I push my self just that tiny bit harder, I see results. I get rewarded for my hard work. I get rewarded by you guys who come to my website to read these blog posts, week after week. Every Friday I post a new song, this week is going to be 59th week and song. Still every Thursday night I go to bed I feel exited and nervous. I know it sounds silly, but still I do. I feel exited to share the song with you, to hear your thoughts on it and in general see people’s reactions on them. But at the same time I am nervous. What if people do not like this one…

But these are just the every day struggles of any artist. Even the ones who walk with their heads up in the clouds announcing that they are the greatest, (we all know someone like that, and most of the time they don’t deliver…) still underneath all that macho boasting is a lonely person wondering if anyone will like what they do. There is nothing wrong with that. If you don’t ask your self that question from time to time, I think you might lose your connection with the people you hope to share your art with.

The blog posts are bit different. By the nature of blogging, you will need to express opinions from time to time and not everyone will always agree with your opinion. That’s fine, that’s something I see as just part of the job. Internet is filled with people ready to rip apart what ever it is you decide to share publicly. And anyone who ever thought about blogging, my first bit of advice would be to ignore it. If you can do that, your life will be so much easier 😀

But it is that underlying desire to do just a little bit extra after a long day. And as I write this, I know there are blogger friends of mine doing the same in different parts of the world. And I know there are musician friends of mine staying up through the night to finish that one last verse for their new song. I know there are friends of mine falling a sleep in a strange hotel room far away from home, after over month of touring and performing every night. We do it because we love it.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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