Losing Faith

hospitalThis weeks song at a first glance might seem like somehow religiously charged song, but it is not that at all. It was written during a time someone very dear to me was extremely sick and I felt very helpless. I believe we have a need to feel like we are doing something when a disaster strikes. The worst feeling is not being able to do anything. And this often is the case when it comes to illness. The doctors can subscribe medicine, but it will take time for them to work and time for the human body to fight the illness. The waiting game makes us feel helpless. And in that waiting game, there will be an emotional storm in our mind. It is nearly impossible for us to just sit down and do nothing.

Lucky for me, the person in question made a full recovery. For many of us they don’t, and we are left with that nagging question at the back of our minds, did we do everything we could? But unless there was a serious case of neglect, this is just our mind trying to process the loss. We need to grieve the loss, we need to process and accept it. It is very hard thing to do, as the pain feels like the last physical thing left of our loved one. But we also do have memories, and we should cherish these, rather than trying to hold on to the pain.

The other thing is, if you have a loved one who is sick, we try to do everything to help them. But sometimes the best thing we can do is take care of our selves. We are no good to anybody if we neglect our own health.

These were some of the thoughts rambling around my head when I wrote this weeks song “Losing Faith”. Once again I had the wonderful Brian O’Shea helping me out on the track. Brian is a man of many talents, one of them being an excellent at playing banjo. Brian has a way of approaching song by painting a musical soundscape. We have been rehearsing with Brian for future live shows and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it all 🙂

Once again, if this weeks song and the subject touches you, please share it. It is amazing how comforting music can be to someone else in a similar situation. And once again, thank you for listening 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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