Not just songs, but moments

livemusic Music is a peculiar thing when you really think of it, I mean it’s either in the past or future. All we hear in the presence is a cluster of notes, the rest of it is our memory relating what we hear now with what we heard few seconds ago. This thought sometimes rattles my brain and keeps me awake late at night 😀

So why would someone like your music? Because it evokes emotion, it challenges our brains in ways that the scientists are only starting to understand. At the same time bad music, or music we don’t like can have a negative effect on us and the activity that the music we liked created in our mind just does not exist. We perceive it as just noise, bit like traffic noise in a city.

But how do you take your music from “traffic noise” into some one’s favourite song? Well,… there is the million dollar question. First of all, you need to understand that not everyone is into your music, full stop. So if you play nice quiet folk songs, the chances of a metal head liking it is not that great. Pick your battles. Then again if someone is into music similar to yours, your chances of them liking your music are much higher. Then it is a case of them hearing your song often enough for it to become familiar. Now if someone has heard your song ten times and still don’t like it, the chances of them ever liking it is quite slim…

And what makes that song unforgettable? Well, obviously it needs to be a good song. But let’s just assume it is for a second, what then? Memories and moments. If people associate your music with moments in their life, good memories, then you are on to a winner. This is hard to do. It can be done with great lyrical content to certain extend, videos can be effective as well. But I believe the singularly most effective way to deliver a song in a moment the way that it will stay with people for a long time is a great live show. This is why I strongly believe in touring, growing your following in a small venue to start off with. There is nothing like an intimate show where the musician connects with the audience, very powerful stuff. And the greatest performers can do this even at much larger scale.

So go out there and live those moments.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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