The Influence of music

musicismylifeI listen to music every day, I play music every day, I talk about music with people all the time. Sure, it is my job, so I need to, but I still do it out of love. Once in a while I come across people who say they don’t care for music. I try my best to understand where they come from, but I find it hard. It makes me sad to think that some people live without music. I know this is very narrow-minded of me, but I just can’t imagine my life without music.

To me music is so many things. It’s the substitute for the sun in a dark winter morning. It is my soundtrack while I travel. It’s my lullaby when I go to sleep. I find myself even unconsciously more attracted to establishments that have music I like, whether this is a coffee shop, bar, or even a shop. If they play music I don’t like I get an urge to leave the place. Most of this I don’t even notice in the moment, but it has a profound effect on me.

I admit that due to the fact that my life is build around music, it might affect me more, but it still has an affect one way or another on most of us. And even that some companies use it to their advantage, I believe it is very much under estimated in business. As I mentioned before it has an effect whether I would like to stay in your establishment or not, so I am sure it will have the same effect in most of your customers.

It actually amazes me that more companies have not partnered with musicians. Even though it happens to certain extent, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. But this is not only the fault of the people in the business side, but also musicians seem to be more hesitant to commercialize themselves. There is always the fear that you would sale your self…

But what if this was done independently, a direct deal between the artist and the company. Not by some record label executive who will dictate what the artist needs to do. Us musicians need to be more innovative in the modern-day market place, we need to offer more value to survive. Musicians are influencers, whether we like this or not.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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