The immortal life of a song

imortallifeofasongIt can take me a few hours to write a song, sometimes longer. I craft a story that resonates with me, and I hope it will resonate with others as well. I tie that story into a melody line with symmetry and rhythmic pulse. I try to draw the listener in just long enough to get them enticed by the story. Repetition is good, but overkill will be the death of a song before it claims its place in history.

And if my timing is right and enough people get to hear my song, it can start to have a life of its own. You see, good songs survive the test of time. They can live far past their creators. They can be timeless, they can resonate with someone hundred years from now the same way they resonate with you today.

Musicians career can be short-lived, but the music will remain years to come. It will bring joy and comfort. It can bring you back to moments and places you visited long ago. Trends come and go, fashion change. But some songs stand the test of time.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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