I just want to play music

holyplace I need a sound engineer that is on standby to record my songs at any given moment the inspiration hits me. I need him to mix my tracks and sent them to be mastered. I need a mastering plant that makes my tracks stand out and suitable for radio play. I need a distribution company that will take my product and make it available to the world. I need a publicist who will tell the world about my new masterpiece, get me in every magazine, billboard, radio station, Friday night chat show on TV. I need an assistant who will take care of my emails and type down my blog posts as I blurb out the words during my breakfast. I need a booking agent who will organise my tours. I need a manager who makes sure all the above people are working for my benefit all the time and I need a personal trainer who will keep me fit. And all of this just so I can concentrate solely on my art. Oh yeah, and I need some one to pay for it all…

Yeah, dream on! There are no holy places in this world where artist like you can retreat to just to create your music and if there was, would the music really be what you’d be doing all day long? Or would the Playstation come out? Would you be checking your Facebook feed every few minutes?

So stop coming up with excuses, do it all your self! And if there is something you can’t do, pay a professional to do it for you. “But I have no money” I hear you say. Well, you can get some by selling that Playstation of yours!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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