In the grand scale of things

universeAs the last standing border between the “real life” and mystery gets kicked some where in the far corner of our brains we rush through our commute in a crowded bus ignoring all the lost souls in the same boat, as we check our emails on our hand-held devices, or surf the Facebook feed thinking we are checking out what our friends are up to, while highly intelligent and little bit scary algorithm decides what we actually see. It’s another Monday morning. The world takes another spin in the vast space where we are just tiny  molecules, but in our head we are more important than the person sitting next to us…

Love has become a calculated commodity, where we see past our own urges and natures strong attractions. We now calculate whether we are getting enough return for our investment. Time ticks by and we need to keep up with the schedule, 2.3 children by the age of 27, who will finally teach us the true meaning of love, a 30 year mortgage on a house build out of bricks and mortar… Still we search ways to escape whether it’s a drinks with the lads on Friday night, shopping way past our means or that same old Facebook feed…

Life is tough, you say. But maybe, just maybe if you could forget about your self-centered world for a second and try to see the bigger picture. In the grand scale of things, our life time is barely a blink in the history of the universe. Time, when it runs out, you can never get back. In fact it is the most valuable commodity you have. So why would you waste it? Life is what you make of it, no one else is going to change it for you. Spend it wisely, stop wasting time. Spend time with people you truly love, starting from your self.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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