The future of SEO for musicians

seoQuick warning, this post even though it is a little bit short, it will get bit technical, and I know there are some of those musicians out there who like to bury their head in the sand when I bring out the technical stuff. So consider your self warned! And now onto the post:

Apple was surprisingly slow getting into the streaming music game. But that’s the way apple do things. They take their time to get things in order before they get in the game. But Apple has been doing slowly but surely a lot more than just getting in to the streaming music. They have planted their foot firmly at the top of podcasting world. If you have a podcast, the ultimate measure is now how well you do in iTunes podcast charts. Now Apple news are building momentum. The battle in the audio book world is between iTunes and Amazon’s Audible.

That is a lot of ground cover by Apple. I am no expert, but the little I know makes me thing in the future having a strong foothold across Apple platforms might have bigger effect on your bands SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) than any new update Google makes. I have seen a strong move among the internet savvy musicians from trying to optimise their websites for Google, to resorting Facebook advertising. I must admit good  Facebook ad can be powerful and fast way to drive a lot of traffic to your website. But I am not just yet ready to throw in the towel and solely rely on paid advertising. I believe there is more at play here.

First of all, Google made a big effort towards trying to make sure that high quality content would rank better in their search engine. I for one think providing quality content is extremely important, and will have a long-term effect into the traffic into your website. And I hope it goes without saying why you as a musician want as much traffic to your website. Website is the centre of your online operations, and key to success on the internet.

So these moves by Apple are something all of us artists should be aware of. We can wave our angry fist up in the air and call them the big corporate monster, or we can admire them as the innovators, but if we won’t embrace what they do, we will be left in the dust when it comes to the SEO in 2015


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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