foolThe day I wrote this weeks song “Fool” goes back a quite few weeks now. We were rehearsing with the lads early on the day, and played a corporate gig early in the evening. By the time we were finished, we did what the boys sometimes do after a long days work, we went out! We made our way across the town from pub to pub. And even I was the first one to call it a day, it was still quite late by the time my head it the pillow.

The next day was a struggle, to say the least 😉 I had promised to cook some Mexican food. Obviously I did this before I had decided to drink more than enough of beer the night before… And the fridge was empty… So I had to make that inevitable trip to a busy supermarket while my head just wanted to stay in bed 😀

Sure we have all been there, and the older I get the less I make these mistakes anymore. But the whole trip to the shop was so funny that as soon as I made my way back home, I wrote a song about it. Sometimes we need to laugh at our selves and the silly things we do. And as a songwriter sometimes these things filter in to our songs.

Again I wanted this to be something bit lighter in nature, as there is quite few heavy subject songs on the new album as well. As to the production, I had a great time working on this one. Acoustic guitar is my instrument, it helps me to get all the crazy stuff that goes on my head out, but sometimes is nice to break out the telecaster as well.

So I hope you like it, and as usual let me know what you think in the comments 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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