Finding the right studio engineer

Big Sliders Studio engineer is a crafter of a very skilled trade. Choosing a good one sometimes seems like taking the second place over the selection of the studio. Most of us go for a studio we like, can afford, is convenient or other similar reasons. And very often we take the house engineer who comes with the studio price. Often this is the smart move for the artist on a tight budget as the house engineer knows the studio inside out, or at least you would hope so.

I have done a fair bit of studio work over the years, we even had our own studio with Sliotar for a while. I had access to great little eight track analogue studio when I was young and I did a few courses in sound engineering as well. But also was very lucky to work with few great sound engineers over the years, who were willing to share their skills and knowledge with me and for this I am forever grateful.

So now I understand that the basic, studio setup in the right hands can be extremely effective, and all the flashy gear in the world in the wrong hands will not make a great recording. So I would try to find the right engineer over the “right studio”. I would try to find an engineer who is proud of all of their work. Who puts personal investment into every project. An engineer who want’s you to perform your best, as their name will be on the recording as well. A great engineer almost doubles as a producer. So choose wisely.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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