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J.P. Kallio is a Finnish-born indie folk artist, singer, guitarist, and songwriter. After spending 27 years in Ireland and leading the modern folk band Sliotar, Kallio now resides in South Burgundy, France. He has released several solo albums, including “Northern Boy” (2014), “Read Between The Lines” (2014), “Tell My Darling” (2014), “The Call” (2014), “After the Storm” (2015), “I Believe in You” (2015), and his latest, “Shine a Light” (2023). Known for his introspective lyrics and acoustic melodies, Kallio’s music is influenced by traditional Irish music and songwriters like Tom Waits and Johnny Cash. His work reflects personal experiences and a journey of self-discovery, with themes of growth and authenticity. Kallio has also collaborated with various artists and continues to create and produce music from his home studio in France.


“This Finnish-born singer-songwriter has a new album. Believe me, it is worth your ears!

Life happens whether you sleep or have spent many years inside a cave. The name J.P. Kallio reminds me of the pre-pandemic carefree years, which begs the question, are we ever the same person after life’s ups and downs? Kallio’s musical career is such an adventure. He played with a Celtic rock band, Sliotar, in the 2010s before moving south of France and perhaps settling there for good.
Shine a Light is the new album after many years.
His last release was in 2015. Since then, so many things have happened. That is why Shine a Light gives off a different energy. It is poignant, reflective, and optimistic. The 11 tracks weave in and out like chapters of a novel. Beauty is one of the songs that got to me. It has words like ” let go” and “drive slow,” which I am sure anyone can relate to after a breakup, a divorce, or getting out of an illness, if you know what I mean.
The arrangements are minimal, with mostly his acoustic guitar as an accompaniment. This leaves you paying more attention to the lyrics. Other atmospherics are added to some tracks, including the falling rain on I Am.
Forest for the Trees is a soliloquy set to music. Such epiphany is refreshing in an era where most songs talk about partying, getting wasted, and hooking up with someone. For people like us who are past our 20s and 30s, this album provides a respite from the alienation. This is real talk with melodies. This is soul-searching, exorcising our demons wrapped in acoustic rock.
So next time you go on driving, and decided to stop on the side of the road. Listen to this album, crank the volume up, and take a hard look at yourself in a mirror. Yes, a hard look.”

Shine a Light by J.P. Kallio


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