Dwindle down the numbers

waterfallDo you really want to think big? Do you want to be the guy that does it all in a music business, climbs the highest mountain, still standing strong and proud? You know all ready what it takes, don’t you? I mean deep down it all comes down to having enough people who believe in you, who love what you do and want to support you. By this I don’t mean your friends and family, I mean true fans. Without them, no manager wants to work with you, without them no booking agent, publicist or record label wants to work with you. This is where so many artists fail. They think you need to get these professional people behind you to get those fans, where as this day and age the fact is you need to do this your self.

Deep down we all know this, but we don’t want to believe it . We want to find that all elusive shortcut. Surely it has got to be out there… Well my friend, this is the real life. It’s time for some hard work! There is no shortcuts, but there are better ways to do the hard work. You need to do your own homework, educate your self. You think musicians are the only people who are looking for followers? Wrong! Almost every new business, artist, writer or creator of any form out there is trying to build a tribe of followers. So the information is out there, in fact there is so much of it you might find it hard to know where to start. But start you must.

But as I said in the beginning, do you want to think big? If so, here is a thing you can do, but it will require a lot of courage and strength. The reason it will require courage and strength is because you need to expose your self to a lot of criticism and negativity. I ask you to flip things over. Instead of finding potential fans, find the people who don’t like what you do. Start dwindle down the numbers. I know it sounds mad, but few things will happen here. You will start to see what kind of people don’t like your music. You star to see where they hang out, you start to see what kind of music they like and maybe compare you to.

You see, you need to learn how to see these structures in groups of people. But the only way to see these structures, is by getting to know the people. Yes you need to get to know your fans! And what if you would get to know the people who does not like your music? I have done this a lot, got really talking to them. And magical things has happened.

The point is, you need to see the bigger picture, but you need to see it from the trenches as well. I know I am on a mission to promote the artist being real people, but I believe the time is up for the manufactured artist. So be brave. Don’t run away from the tough stuff, face it head on. Show the world that you are real person, and the world will respond.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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