Don’t wait for the inspiration, look for it

coffeeinparisLast week I wrote about Writers blog and how I did not think it was a real thing. Now in the other hand I think inspiration is a very important thing. But inspiration is something we should not wait for, but look for. Sometimes it comes in the form smallest things around us, sound, smell, a feeling, or often I find it in other people’s art. Also a change of scenery seems to be very effective for me and even when I get back home, weeks to come my creative juices are flowing. So there I was sitting outside a cafe on a quiet street in Paris. On this trip I came here specifically to charge my creative batteries and I had been waiting for that little spark. There I was eating a sweet treat with my coffee and it hit me. And it was a combination of few things, the tiramisu with lime I was eating (divine!) and few other dishes I had enjoyed from the famous French kitchen. They have this subtle beauty in the food. Nothing is about being bold, but delicate and clear flavours. Everything has its place and purpose in the dish. Just what is needed, nothing less, nothing more. At that moment I was inspired, I had a clear vision in my head. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and achieve.

I believe inspiration is just a little department in our imagination. When we are children, there are no limitations, no barriers. We imagine the most bizarre things, nothing is too surreal. We can play with imaginary things for hours. It’s only when we grow up that we build these barriers around us. We develop a sense of what is possible, what is impossible and what is just damn right silly. And we almost limit our minds drifting past these points. But as artists we need to learn to look outside the box, not only look at the picture, but past the frame and behind the picture, the environment the picture is in. It’s within that wonderland between two points of contact that the magic happens and we expand our view of the world around us.

But this is not only for artists, it is for all of us. For example next time you travel to a new place, try not to compare how things are different to what they are at home, but try to take them in as they are, experience them in the moment. If you are used to having your breakfast in a certain way, why not try something different for a change? Try what the locals have, involve yourself in the culture rather than observe it.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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