They Don’t Make Them Anymore Like That

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cheating This week’s song “They Don’t Make Them Anymore Like That” I wrote to balance things out a bit 😉 There are about fifteen million romantic comedies and songs out there where men get bad rep. Woman is the one whose heart gets crushed by a cheating boyfriend and so on. But the fact of life is, that the men end up in the same situation more often than you think. I watched it over and over again (spending a lot of time in bars being part of my job) girls on a night out and husbands staying home, things can get out of hand and they do… The thing is, these days the statistics are pretty much neck in neck between men and women cheating on their partners.

On one side and most primal level we are animals with natural instincts. We were programmed to keep our species live by multiplying. But on the other hand, we have been given the ability to make our own mind, make our own decisions.

So what I am saying is this, if you do find a good man (or a woman), hold on to them, cherish them and don’t go messing things up by jumping into bed with a stranger just because you get caught in the moment. What makes us humans is our ability to make decisions. If you are in an adult relationship, be a human, not an animal, except in the bed with your partner 😉

Once again I had the help and talent of wonderful Brian O’Shea on the Banjo on this track. Thank you Brian! Hope you like the song and share it with the world 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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