Compulsive Songwriting Disorder

I sneaked out a version of this weeks song the day I wrote it, but here is the album version. This song happened one day as I was stuck for song ideas and procrastination took over, so I started watching some videos on Ted TV. I came across this wonderful speech by Elizabeth Gilbert, where she talks about how our talent is actually something not in us, but outside us. So suddenly I had some one else to blame for my creative block 🙂 And out came “Compulsive Songwriting Disorder” Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen ended up in the song as they are some of the greatest songwriters out there. It was so easy to think that they just have songs falling of the tree 😀 But apparently the songwriting process for Leonard Cohen is quite a task, so maybe he has been in a similar situation 😉 As usual, share it if you like. Have a great weekend and a week!