Call off the Angels

The Call Welcome to the fourth chapter. The third one “Tell My Darling” came out earlier in the week and now we turn the page and continue onwards on our journey. Big thanks to those of you who purchased the album, you guys keep my boat afloat 😉 The Image you see on this page is a small sneak preview of what’s to come.

I am once again about to tackle a subject that I promised myself to stay away from, but as a songwriter I observe my surroundings and if it turns into a song, I got to be true to the song 🙂

This week’s song “Call Off The Angels” was inspired by a strange incident I witnessed one morning while I was out walking. There was a Jehovahs Witness standing beside the St. Stephens green shopping centre here in Dublin. He had a strange display cabinet with some literature with him, which made him look more like an insurance policy sales person. I glanced him and his display quickly enough to figure out what he was at and headed onwards to my favourite coffee shop to get my “morning fix”. On the way back though there was another man arguing with him. This man was very aggressive, and I heard him shout to the Jehovahs Witness how his teachings were wrong and how their version of the bible was wrong. And then the man just stormed off.

I was brought up in what I would call quite religious family, but the religion was never forced on me and I do thank my parents for that. To me faith has been always much more personal thing and I do not possess the need to tell other people what they should or should not believe. But there I was witnessing two people, one who felt the need to be up at 7am (with his display cabinet) spreading his belief and another who felt the need to aggressively point out that our “insurance sales man’s” version was wrong and offensive to his belief.

So what give’s one man the right to judge another one based on what neither of them believe? I think the older I get, the more baffled I am about this. I personally have quite strong view of someone using and abusing the power of someones faith. I believe the mess that the Catholic church in Ireland has been in the past decade dealing with generations of abuse is just one example of this. I might not see eye to eye with all of you, but that does not make me think of any less of you, nor would I even dare to think that I am right and you re wrong. We all have a path, sometime it is rocky, sometimes it’s hard, but it’s our path and nobody but us can decide how we travel the path.

As to the production, the regular readers here already know about my new Journey Instruments OF420 guitar. So I decided to put to the test in the studio. The results have really blown me away. All the guitars on this track were recorded using the OF420 and it will feature heavily on the next album.

Hope you enjoy the song and if the subject touches you, hit those shares 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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