8th of March Blog update

westMy mother has been visiting me for the past week. It has been great to have her here 🙂 It was also a great opportunity for me to take few days off and take her around Dublin as well as on a short trip in to the west of Ireland. This actually did test my blogging a bit 😉 I had a great idea to write weeks worth posts before, but sometimes when you try to force your self to write something without the real deadline, it just will not happen. So I need up writing this weeks posts between taking my mom around and playing my regular sessions.

But still, when the push comes to shove, you get it done 😉 So here is all this weeks blog posts:

This week’s song “Dog House” was my first attempt to take bit more comical approach to a bit heavier subjects. Also the musical approach was bot more different from what I have done in the past. Check it out here:

Dog House

This thing has been bugging me a bit lately. It’s people expecting for me to respect them for something they have not done so yet. Check it out here:

Earn respect, don’t expect it.

Do it your self. This is my number one tip for your success in the independent music business:

Quick tip 41 Do it your self

I did a radio interview during the week. one of the questions got me thinking about the early days of my songwriting. Read all about it here:

On Songwriting Part 8

It is easy to do just the bare minimum, but what if you did push your self just that little bit extra?

Quick tip 42 That little bit extra

This blog post sums up what I have been up to this week:

Accidental rejuvenation

Here’s the No. 1 give away that your band is an amateur band:

No. 1 Giveaway of an amateur band

During a live show, things will go wrong, no avoiding it. Here’s what you need to do when it does happen:

Quick tip 44 Act like nothing happened

Twitter DM can be a powerful promotion tool, if used wisely:

Quick tip 45 Twitter DM

This Saturdays blogpost was all abut about finding the balance between art and entertainment:

Where do we draw the line?

So there you go, even though I did not really get a chance to sit down and write in my office, still I managed to keep the posts coming 🙂 Have a rocking Sunday.


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