3rd of May Blog update

fourseaonsThe Summer’s been put on hold this week in Dublin. We have had pretty much every kind of weather during the week, and all of it topped with just damn cold wind. It seems you just can’t predict anything to do with the weather any more… Oh yeah, and it’s May. I’ve done my best to try to ignore this month 😀 You see, in a bit over weeks time I have a birthday, and it’s a big one… So I’ve been trying to figure out the best possible way to get the “midlife crisis” out of the system 😉 But to be honest with you, I’ve had such a busy year, I haven’t even had time to think about it. I suppose I can’t ignore it any longer. So just to change the subject, let’s just get in to this week’s blog posts 😉

This week’s song took a look at some of the issues the western world has been struggling with lately. I believe ignoring them might just be the biggest mistake we can make:

I Wanna Grow Old

Stress is having some very serious health consequences in our society. It is very important to recognise it and do something about it, before it gets a hold of you:

Beat the stress before it beats you

This week’s Quick tips were advice on performing live. Monday’s tip was a simple, but important one:

Quick tip 81 Don’t turn your back

When a successful artist utilises their influence to do some thing good, I am impressed, but Passenger took it to the next level with his latest album. Check it out here:

Passenger, Whispers II

There is a lot of power in making eye contact with your audience:

Quick tip 82 Eye contact

It can be hard to see the value in what you do as an artist when you are at the grass root level fighting the good fight:

Value yourself

During a live show, things regularly go wrong. How you react to it is what separate the professionals from the amateurs:

Quick tip 83 Keep Calm

Never under-estimate the power of your image as an artist:


It does not matter if there is five or five hundred people in your audience, they still deserve the same show:

Quick tip 84 Treat every show seriously

This gets me all the time. If someone in your band takes on the task of talking to the audience, the least you can do is shut your mouth while they do this not so easy job:

Quick tip 85 Don’t disturb the guy talking to the microphone

Instead of trying to find the people to show you the short cuts in music business, try to build business relationships. They will serve you years to come:

Road map to business relationships

And that brings us to an end of another busy week 🙂 I truly hope you find some of the information and my thoughts useful. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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