29th of March Blog update

JPMusimaThis week we had the first promise of spring, followed by a hail stone storm here in Dublin. You know that time of the year when you don’t know which jacket to put on 😀 But I also had a great week writing music, recording, rehearsing, playing sessions, and my regular shows with Sliotar. Oh yeah, and getting over a small spring cold, which made the recording of vocals quite interesting 😉 As I write this, it is a sunny day outside and I am determined to enjoy it a bit, so lets get in to the posts straight away.

This week’s song is a first new track from the second album, even though the first one is only just about to come out. Check it out here:


As a musician, when building your career you need to get really good at problem solving:

Connecting the dots

Time is valuable commodity and we all have limited amount of it. I think it is time to start valuing your time:

Quick tip 56 Value your time

One of my big “game changing” moments in the past year has been the realisation how trying to be a better person has an effect on everything I do:

Be the best person you can be

Healthy body is a crucial part of becoming a great musician:

Quick tip 57 Value health

You know, you can’t please everybody. So why not concentrate being your self and pleasing your true fans:

Don’t worry too much what others think

Here’s one of the best twenty bucks I spent:

Quick tip 58 Camera stand for your phone

We all like a good night out, but there is a price to pay:


If you build it, it does not mean they will come. You need to tell them about it:

Quick tip 59 Tell them about it

Here’s a quick tip to help you not get stuck in a routine in music:

Quick tip 60 Change something

We let the camera roll again in our rehearsals during the week. Here’s me and Brian rocking it out to one of my songs from the latest album:

Dog House Video

And that’s all the posts from this week. I also got the first review of the “After the Storm” out yesterday 🙂 Check it out HERE. Big thanks to Offbeat Music. Have a great week 🙂


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