14th of September Blog update

songcookingwritingI am after having one of those week’s where you are battling against the clock. I am actually heading for a bit of sun and rest for the next ten days 🙂 But as always before the holidays there are lots of work that needs to be finished. Now add on top of that the new album coming out and the work of the next one in full swing! In the beginning of the week I wasn’t even sure if I’d have this weeks song done, but in the end we have two songs ready and three more sent out to be mastered. I was working every minute I could, even writing songs while cooking food 😀 You’d think this would end up being a rushed job, but actually I am very proud of the new tracks. And once again I cannot thank Matthew Gillian enough for working so hard in his studio in Tennessee to help me out on the tracks. But without further a due, let’s get into this weeks posts before I’m off to the airport once again 😉

So the first song from the fourth album came out on Friday and you guys went all out to spread the word 🙂 Thank you so much for the shares. If you haven’t done so yet, check it out here:

Call Off The Angels

I was in Belgium last weekend with Sliotar to play a show at the Celtic Night Geluwe festival. This trip got me thinking about how bands should and should not behave at the festivals:

Festival etiquette

On Tuesday “Tell My Darling”, my third album came out and here is a blog post explaining what it was all about and what’s coming next:

“Tell My Darling” and the next chapter

One thing I had to learn fast and hard when I became a full-time musician was how much more important the actual backing work was. Rhythm, chords, harmonies and the muscle strength to keep it going. So why do we spend so much time practising solos?

80/20 rule of learning to play guitar

It’s been a while since I shared with you guys some of the music I am into. William Fitzsimmons’ new album “Lions” has been rocking my world in the past few weeks. Read more about it here:

William Fitzsimmons, Lions

and another week of posts in the bag 🙂 You know there are days when it takes me a while before I figure out what I want to write about, but once I get an idea, I really enjoy this. And thanks for reading my posts. More on the way.


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