135 SumoMe Welcome Mat

J.P.s Quick tipI talked about SumoMe app before in these Quick tips (HERE). Yesterdays I got an email from them telling me about their new Welcome Mat feature. To be hones I was gobsmacked! This is something I wanted to try out on my website before, but my limited web design skills and the inability to find a right tools for it meant I never got around to it. Then SumoMe comes in and tells me they have made it into part of their already mindblowingly good app? And I can have it all set up in just few clicks?

So what the Welcome Mat does is put a landing page on your website, with a minimal effect on the website itself. When people visit your website, this landing page will appear just above the page, not as a separate page that you end up before getting to the actual page. The design is so smooth and easy to customise. There are some great paid extras, but even the free version does everything you need it to do. When I first installed SumoMe on my website, both my mailing list sign ups and Facebook likes went up. Now I’ve had the Welcome Mat on my website only for a day and I can already see another increase!

And for those of you mumbling about how you should not be marketing like this in the music business, I have one thing to say: Wake up! If you don’t market your music, people will not know about it. Besides companies like Spotify, Uber and Instagram use these tools to their advantage, why shouldn’t we?

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