12th of April Blog update

coolbeerEver feel like you’re rushing around like headless chicken, but still barely get everything done? Yep, that kind of sums up my week. I know for most of you it sounds like every one of my weeks 😀 And for some of you it sounds like most of your weeks 😉 The thing I’ve become to realise, it’s not about how hard you work, I’m well able for the hard work, but it is about the rejuvenation. Even on a busy day you need to make sure you take some time for your self. And you really need to make sure that the time is quality time to unwind. Something that will let your mind switch off from what ever it is you do. Hey, it can be even a beer on a roof garden bar on a sunny day 😉

So this weeks song was a continuation to the story that started with “Tell My Darling”. Check it out here:

Letter to my love

On Monday, I shared with you my views on an online battle the band Garbage got them selves in to with a photographer. Read all about it here:

Photography v Music rights

Also the case got me thinking about how you should make sure both you and the photographer are in full understanding of the usage rights before the photo shoot

Quick tip 66 Photographs

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of the human being behind the persona that is the artist:

The importance of the human being

Before you set out to buy new gear in search of “your tone”, first look in to the most important element, you:

Quick tip 67 Gear v Tone

Here’s a new way of looking at music promotion:

Dwindle down the numbers

Sometimes it is OK, to just take a day off to catch up with life mundane tasks, like laundry or groceries. The work will wait:

Quick tip 68 Give your self a break

Here’s another rehearsal video from few weeks back:

Another rehearsal video

The past few years in the music business there seem to have been a lot of talk about how to monetise recordings:

Quick tip 69 Stop worrying about how to monetise your recording

You want a manager invest in you? Make your self worth investing:

Quick tip 70 Make your self worth investing

When was the last time you created something?


And that sums up the week. Let me know your thoughts. And as always, another busy week ahead 😉


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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